How Covid-19 Has Affected The Coworking Community

Since the lockdown was first advised in Metro Manila months ago, many companies and businesses are facing a number of changes as a result of the pandemic. It created a significant impact and brought restrictive measures reflecting on the severity of the situation and decision-makers in the marketplace were forced to make and implement necessary actions that would protect everyone involved.

1. Working from Home

Reducing the movement of people is one of the key planks on flattening the curve and containing the outbreak, that is why remote work has been the preferred setting by companies in order to decrease the dangers of contributing to it. With these changes, the coworking community strived to provide the best and safest environment for them in order to fill the void left by the nation’s out-of-office implementation.

2. Quality of Work

Most people claim that it’s difficult or are unable to get their work done away from their typical workplace, complaining about faulty internet connection, loud environment noises, poor air-conditioning, or simply the lack of that professional work vibe. Coworking in this regard is able to provide for the insufficiencies working away from the office can give to those who need it, considering it as a new normal for working environments.

3. Staying Socialized

People are social beings. Naturally, we will always be looking for a way to connect, find a community, and to socialize. That is what brought people to coworking spaces in the first place due to its flexibility and collaboration opportunities, comfortability, and efficiently-built workspaces, making it an ideal business service during the situation we’re in today. These are essential for a business’ success and given that we’re in a pandemic, a coworking space ensures that the workspace you can solidify in is a sanitized and safe environment.

4. Space to Work

With the current national uncertainty and lockdown restrictions gradually lifting, many companies prefer having a safe space to work while retaining its flexibility. Understandably, there is hesitation to invest long-term. The preventive measures given to the community remain to be complied with as we prioritize by providing a safe space to allow people to work in with ease and peace of mind.

With all of these considered, Socialspace Coworking is the perfect space for your business as we are able to supply the need to keep connections and the community alive, making alternative workspaces a more viable option for a wider range of companies. We help startups and SMEs increase their profits and cultivate their business through coworking and virtual office membership packages.

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