How Creating Your Own Webstore Can Benefit Your Business

Over the years, the traditional brick-and-mortar retail spaces have been slowly dying because of long lists of requirements to keep up with and how expensive rental rates are. When the pandemic hit globally and the lockdown was implemented last year, most businesses had no choice but to let go of a number of their employees to keep it afloat or close it down completely.

Towards the end of 2020, when businesses started reopening again, entrepreneurs had to come up with a better way to earn and serve their customers. As uncertainty is still present and the number of cases is still rising, the power of the internet is also increasing. The pandemic proved it, encouraging everyone to look for accurate information about the virus while embracing the convenience and comfort of online shopping. Having an online presence has become essential for every brand and business. If your business hasn't opened an e-commerce site yet, you are completely missing out.

Socialspace Webstore is your fully functional e-commerce storefront ideal for online shopping, booking, and service requests. With plenty of features, tools, and resources, you are well and fully-equipped to launch your online webstore anytime!

There are plenty of features and benefits that make it better to build your online presence with our e-commerce platform compared to the ones out there:

 Create Fully Functional Webstores
 Onboard & Share Unlimited Products & Services
 Grow your Business using Enterprise Tools & Reports
 Engage Customers through Live Chat & Blogs
 Free Product Listings in our growing Community Marketplaces
 Accept Online Payments through credit cards and other payment methods available

You also get these Enterprise Tools to grow and manage your business better:

•  Advanced Inventory Management manages your stock levels in real-time
• Advanced Customer Relations Management (CRM) manages your sales team and sales funnel
• Advanced Reports Generation monitors your data in real-time and creates reports to gather business information
• Employee Management increases the productivity of your manpower resources
• Account Integration manages and automates your finance activities from various marketplaces
• Delivery Integration gets full visibility of your fulfillment service from multiple 3PLs
• Mobile POS gives you access to your webstore management from anywhere using an android-based device
• 24/7 Tech Support is ready to support you and your online business

Do not get left behind. Start selling your products online, grow, and stay social today!

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Starting Your Business with Socialspace