Starting Your Business with Socialspace

Are you a budding entrepreneur who had your Eureka moment and finally figured out what business you want to invest in but have no idea how to start? Perhaps it started out as a hobby that turned into something bigger or there's a promising opportunity to be seized. Whatever the case, you'd want to make sure you're operating legally.

Luckily, it's easier to start it today! Here are the 4 easy steps to start your own business:

1. Register your business name

Before anything else, it’s important that you know what kind of company you are registering as. Do you own the business yourself or do you have partners in this venture? After recognizing this, come up with your business names and look up the availability on DTI's website. Fill up a BN application form and submit it to their office when you're ready.

After securing your certificate of business registration, pay the barangay a visit and the city's municipality for your permit, last but not least you need to head to the BIR to claim your book of accounts and receipts.

2. Layout your business plan

Everyone knows that your business plan is the foundation of your business. It's a roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow your new business venture. You'll use it to convince people that working with you or investing in your company is a smart choice. Your business plan helps define your business and keeps owners, managers, employees, and other stakeholders on the same page.

A well laid out plan can help attract investors and secure financing for your venture, especially if you’re seeking a loan from a bank. They would want to know that you have a good handle on your small business’s trajectory.

3. Build your webstore

In this digital age, having a website will instantly attract new customers to your business. Making it easier to profit since it is always available, a website adds instant credibility to your business simply by having one.

Another important thing is that you have the scope to represent your customers. People who view your website could immediately see why they should trust you and your business through the testimonials and facts that back up those opportunities by having a website. 

4. Stay social and promote your business

Having an online presence on social media is also a good strategy that allows you to market your business online aside from having your own webstore. This will help you sell your products, have a wider reach, and engage instantaneously with your customers. This is essential to reach your end goal and maintain the business reputation. Regularly update your social media and interact with your customers as it helps you to get to know them and it shows the humane side of your business.

All these points can be too much if you’re doing it all by yourself, rest assured that Socialspace can help you eliminate those hurdles by helping you achieve all these with you under our SME Startup Solutions. Focus on what’s more important for your business by calling us today at 0905-512-5293 or e-mail us at for more inquiries.

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